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Birthdate:Oct 10
Location:Miami, Florida, United States of America
There I was – a self-proclaimed “realist” at the age of 19 and much too young to be so cynical. Barely graduating from high school and believing college was a waste of time, I realistically entered dead end jobs because that was my “lot in life.” I accepted the daily grind with emptiness inside. I had no internal motivation and no hope for the future.
My emptiness was so toxic that it poisoned the people around me. I became an expert in alienating anyone who tried to get close to me, but especially those I cared about. I fought with my parents to the point of running away and sleeping on a bench at a local basketball court. No one was ever going to break through my armor. “I’m not delusional like other people,” I kept telling myself, “I know reality.”
Beyond the dead end jobs, there was the problem of my double standard. I lived behind a false pretense of doing what others told me to do while at the same time thinking I was living on my own terms. My constant partying and using people led to an existence of looking over my shoulder. My conflicting thoughts took me deeper and deeper into a place of helplessness.
One night I found myself, laid out in the middle of the street. Is this what my life meant to me? I could’ve been run over, I could’ve been paralyzed, and I could’ve died. Would it really matter? Was I even capable of ever caring about anyone, let alone myself? And that was the moment that something just snapped inside me. I realized I had to make a change. The next 5 years were life altering.
I bought psychology books, training courses, and marketing programs – anything I could put my hands on to find answers. And even in the midst of all this, I still told myself that one day I’ll make it because “I’m not delusional like other people, I know reality.” Unfortunately, my lack of delusion wasn’t my biggest strength. I finally realized, it was the limiting belief that was holding me back. This was a huge revelation.

I love the saying, “I can’t go back and make a new beginning, but I can start today and make a brand new ending.”

Today I'm a proud father, a life coach, writer, and soon to be speaker. . .I guess you could say things changed.

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