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First off, what does that even mean? Well it means being deliberate about your day. Having a conscious purpose and direction about your day. By definition, intentional is to be done on purpose, deliberate, to have intent. So what are 5 ways we can be more intentional about our days. 1 – Have a bigger goal that you are trying to strive toward. If you don’t have a goal that takes you at least 3 to 5 months to accomplish, you may be selling yourself short. Big goals beget big rewards. Big goals cause us to have to restructure our lives and develop powerful habits in order to bring them into existence, so therefore have direction for your life as a whole and dream big, because there is nothing you can’t do. 2- Break your big goals into smaller goals. Sounds obvious or obligatory, but sometimes we forget to truly structure it and break down how we truly want to get to that bigger goal. This forces you to be realistic and to exactly define the smaller steps that get you to your goals. This also gives you a clear direction about what you are attempting to accomplish in smaller time-frames. Forces you to ask yourself, what are we doing today and is it moving us toward our goals? 3- Avoid starting your day without committing a list of your steps to paper. Write em Down! This is not to make you a robot, but purely to give you more focus regarding your steps. In all the distractions that we have, you need something to be able to reference to get you right back on course. In creating to do list, you find that this helps you avoid just doing busy work. Spinning our wheels so to speak. Answering telephones, purely planning but lacking execution and so forth. In accomplishing clear set steps, you avoid all the things you don’t need and get right to the things that bring you closer to your goals. 4-Avoid Distractions. Avoiding distractions is not about having super will power. It is about putting yourself in a position where distraction is not even present. Putting your phone on airplane mode for instance while writing and only taking scheduled breaks to check for emergencies. Turning off all tv, radio, and any other distraction in the background that may BREAK the rhythm of execution that you have implemented. Distraction is more or less how long it takes you mentally to get back to being productive, which can take up to 25 minutes just to get back on task. So get focused, turn it off. 5-Execute Execute Execute Make sure to get going executing your daily steps within the first 5 minutes of writing them out. This ensures you have optimum excitement, energy, and MEMORY to do them. Many times, we’ll talk about doing something and schedule for later or tomorrow, and what happens? Tomorrow never comes. We want to get into it and get into it RIGHT NOW! If you have certain things that you can accomplish and certain things you have to wait for (relying on someone else). Then structure and batch them in that way. Write all the people you are waiting on, put your follow ups to them in the front. And put all the things that you are accomplishing solely in the back and get to it. Hopefully this was helpful, and again your feedback is always appreciated. Stay tuned for more because we’re talking the process part of the 3 P’s!

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